Running Coordinator


Shama Meghjee-Caine

Contact: 07876 453721

Join our running enthusiast Shama Meghjee-Caine for our popular Fun Run every Sunday at 10am at Kenton Recreation Ground 

Ladies of all ages currently participate in this great initiative helping to keep fit, socialise and have some fun!


Sun Fun Run includes a warm-up, a 2km run, strength exercises and High Intensity Interval Training finishing with stretches and cool down


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“For me the SunFunRun Group is so different to other groups. It's a safe environment where you can go at your own pace - always with encouragement and support. Taking part in sessions regularly has improved my health and stamina.”

SunFunRun Celebrates 3rd Anniversary with First 10k Run

19th January 2020


In December 2019, SunFunRun celebrated its third anniversary and on 19th January 2020, completed it's very first 10k run!


#sunfunrun #letsgetfit 



Cancer Reasearch UK 10KM Race for Life

Sunday 28th July 2019


SunFunRun Does Something Extraordinary

21 ladies of all abilities took part in Cancer Research UK’s 10Km Race for Life on Sunday 28th July 2019 and raised just under £2000!  


Most of our amazing group had never completed a 10Km, so this was a superb achievement for them – their smiling faces across the finish line will be remembered forever. 


The atmosphere, support from our family members and each other got us through the event – the SunFunRun ladies are a truly positive force and extraordinary role models.

A special thanks to Shama for pulling the group together, providing training and her continual positive encouragement – it all gave us hope and belief in achieving something that we had previously thought impossible. Special thanks also to Sakina and Tarannam for providing great encouragement and support on the day.

Everyone enjoyed it so much that Shama is now looking for another challenge to complete before the end of the year.  Come and join us – and be part of something extraordinary.



What SunFunRun has done for me

Yasmin Chagpar


As a young girl I was continuously inspired by our father who used to live an active lifestyle and keep a healthy diet.


This led me to take part in a 22km charity walk at the age of 15 and from there on I have always been conscious about what I ate and how much exercised. Around two years ago I started taking part in a midnight walk of 15km until a problem with my knee meant I struggled to continue.


Due to this my activity levels dropped and it was last year that my daughter encouraged me get back on my feet and join the SunFunRun which is where a community of runners/walkers get together and take part in a group activity. It was there where I met our Coach leader, Shama.

Through her inspiration and motivation she encouraged everyone to keep active no matter what your age.


It was from this that I pushed myself to do more and as well as walking from Najaf to Kerbala during Arbaeen I also just participated in the 10K ‘Race for Life’ walk where I raised money for cancer research.


Taking part in all these events over time has improved my health and has given me the ability to volunteer and give time to my community. I would urge everyone, young or old to keep fit and lead an active lifestyle so you have the best of health and use that to do good and contribute back to our society.



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