MAMT 2020

Date: Friday 10th - Sunday 12th April 2020

Venue: Friday 10th: Bushfield Leisure Centre, Peterborough, PE2 5RQ

Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th: Sir Harry Smith Community College, Whittlesey, PE7 1XB

Registration Deadline: Friday 6th March 2020

Click here for information pack 

For any queries, please contact

We would also like to remind our members that SJL is committed to being an all inclusive club and would like to encourage participation in MAMT from all participants with additional needs. We have successfully had participants with additional needs take part in MAMT in recent years and their needs have always been catered for with other participants enjoying pairing up with those with additional needs. We will InshAllah ensure they are once again catered for within the sports ability level that they are comfortable participating in. 


  • A new fee structure has been applied for this year (see page 11 of information pack) - however the £10 nyaz fee will not be passed on to participants

  • Under no circumstances will a refund be given

  • Participants are allowed to enter as many sports as they wish, providing they do not overlap (Singles and doubles are classed as 2 sports)

  • 35+ mixed teams for football and netball can also be selected on the form. Fixtures in the 35+ mixed team games are purely friendly games aiming to strengthen and encourage unity and sisterhood. This means trophies will not be awarded to winners

  • Each participant can only enter one age band for a sport unless there are extenuating circumstances in this case please direct your queries to the management team

  • Participants can only ‘play up’ i.e. in their own age category or higher

  • For any doubles sports (badminton & table tennis), please ensure you have secured a partner prior to registration. The badminton coordinators are happy to assist you in finding a partner 

  • You and your partner must register separately ensuring you have entered each other's details correctly (Name/DOB)

  • The starting date of the tournament will be used to determine age of participants

Netball & Football (Team Sports)

Due to the new 'team' fee structure, the following registration format shall apply for netball & football: 

16-20 & 21+:

Only register if you are part of a team (you will be asked for your team name and captain). There will be no team sport charge upon registration however you will still have to register yourself and pay the nyaz fee 

Once all team members have submitted their registration forms, the team captain must submit the team name and list via email to and pay £45 for the team via BACS to SJ Ladies. The captain can then collect funds from the team separately. The team captain must ensure that all team members have individually registered as well. 

If you would like to play netball or football but are not part of a team, please contact the following coordinators who will, as far as possible, help allocate you to a team (numbers pending):

Football: Mariam Bhimani 

Netball: Samina Merali Govani, Fatma Ali, Tanweer Datoo, Zahra Fazel Merali

9-15 (Girls):

U16 teams will be selected by independent coaches from those who have registered interested by Friday 14th February 2020.

There will be NO sign up option for U16 netball and football on the main MAMT registration form. 

If your daughter would like to play either or both of these sports, please fill out the form linked below to register interest. Coaches will be selecting teams at Sunday sports sessions throughout February and will only select girls who have registered interest AND continue to attend sports throughout the selection process

Note that registering interest alone will NOT guarantee your daughter a place for MAMT team sports

This has been implemented as, in the past, coaches have found it difficult to place girls who have signed up for MAMT but not attended training into a team as they are not aware of who these girls are, their ability or game play and cannot assess whether individuals will gel as a team 

Payment for team sports can be made to SJ Ladies if/once your daughter has been selected for a team

Badminton, Table Tennis, Swimming (Individual Sports)

Registration for badminton, table tennis and swimming can be done on the main registration form for both ladies and girls. 

For any doubles sports (badminton & table tennis), please ensure you have secured a partner prior to registration. The badminton coordinators are happy to assist you in finding a partner 

The following categories will be implemented for the Badminton 16+ category:
1. Beginner

2. Intermediate 1
3. Intermediate 2
4. Intermediate 3

5. Advanced


When registering, please ensure you select the correct category to allow for FAIR PLAY. If you are unsure on your category, please contact one of the badminton coordinators. 

Please rate yourselves based on how you have performed in past tournaments and the ability level you play at in weekly sessions (if applicable).

Those who reached the semi finals and finals in MAMT 2019 will be automatically entered for the next category 

If you and your partner are a mixed ability pair, then you will be categorised as the higher ability of your pairing.

For the U16 categories, the age of the older player will dictate the category the pair falls in. 

Participants aged 50 and over have a choice of playing in EITHER the 16+ or 50+ categories (but not both)

Please note: all signups will be reviewed and levels will be at the discretion of the organisers/coordinators and the SJL Sports Board



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