Good Luck from Gains With Govinchy

Stanmore to Windsor - Why I'm Riding...

Stanmore Jafferys would like to thank GWG for their sponsorship and contribution towards the AAWA Sportive 2020

Part 1 - "Although 42 miles seems scary, I’m going to be pushing myself because this is a really important cause...”

Part 2 - "I went along to one of the SJ Ladies Cycling Events at the Hillingdon Circuit. There I met a lot of inspirational women who were really passionate about cycling and it opened my eyes to a whole new cycling world...”

Part 3 - “When the opportunity of taking part in the AAWA Sportive came along, for me it was a chance to stretch myself whilst at the same time fundraiser for such a worthy cause...”

Part 4 - “Trying to do 42 miles with like-minded sisters is going to be a great day”

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