Good Luck from Gains With Govinchy

Stanmore to Windsor - Why I'm Riding...

Stanmore Jafferys would like to thank GWG and Bullsmoor Dental for their sponsorship and contributions towards the AAWA Sportive 2020

Aalima Dr. Masuma Jaffer endorses

AAWA Sportive 2020

Part 1 - "Although 42 miles seems scary, I’m going to be pushing myself because this is a really important cause...”

Part 2 - "I went along to one of the SJ Ladies Cycling Events at the Hillingdon Circuit. There I met a lot of inspirational women who were really passionate about cycling and it opened my eyes to a whole new cycling world...”

Part 3 - “When the opportunity of taking part in the AAWA Sportive came along, for me it was a chance to stretch myself whilst at the same time fundraiser for such a worthy cause...”

Part 4 - “Trying to do 42 miles with like-minded sisters is going to be a great day”

Part 5 - “After watching my grandchildren cycle for the first time, I was inspired to learn”

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