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SJ Ladies Cycling are proud to announce a new Teams Challenge initiative. We have been running our monthly challenges for well over 9 months and it is encouraging to see how you all have challenged yourselves individually to push yourselves and reach the top spot.

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Stanmore Jafferys - Next Steps: Transitioning to a new leadership & structure in 2021

Over the past 20+ years, Stanmore Jafferys has served the community through a variety of activities including sports, literary, social and relief.

The success of these areas has been as a result of the vision, dedication, enthusiasm and passion of the various leaders across all facets of Stanmore Jafferys that we have been fortunate to have over previous terms as well as the hard work and determination of all who have coordinated and volunteered for Stanmore Jafferys. Each one of these individuals has played a part in building the organisation we have today.

To ensure sustainability and continuity of the club, we have taken the decision to streamline the structure and focus on the provision of high-quality sporting activities for you, our members.
As we approach the end of the current term, we are preparing for transition to a new structure that will enable the club to continue to grow and develop

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Good Luck from Gains With Govinchy

Stanmore Jafferys would like to thank GWG for their sponsorship and contribution towards the AAWA Sportive 2020

SJ Running - Featured Article

Why I Run - Ruksar Pirbhai

"Running is meditation for me where it allows me to let go of all the distractions and stressors of everyday life and free my mind".

Launching SJ Ladies Running! 

Stanmore Jafferys are excited to launch SJ running! 

Running is the most famous and trained sport in the world and a great way to get fit in our new socially distant environment 

We have launched running as part of our fitness activities and have introduced ladies group runs (for all abilities) following all guidance from the government

Group runs available: 

- Tuesday evening (Harrow) 

- Wednesday evening (Watford)

- Friday evening (Stanmore)

Join the running Whatsapp group using the link below to get involved and get running: 


Please ensure you have downloaded the Strava app, registered and joined the SJ Ladies Running strava group at the following link: 

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